Healthy Strawberry Milkshakes and Real Expat Talk post image

It is glorious, intoxicating, seductive Norwegian summer time - AGAIN! Wait I'm still in Oslo?! Yup. What started as a one year thing has gotten extended. We'll see for how long, although it could be well into 2017 before my balding tennis shoes hit the ground in the states again. And for the most part I'm ok [...]


How to Kill a Yeast Infection on Vacation – A Natural Healing Protocol that Works! post image

I'm rather shy about discussing super personal topics like, well, yeast infections. But I must to break my silence because I have found a protocol that works and I must share it with my fellow girls! You see, I've had to deal with them for years. Yeast infections I mean. I totally understand the stress and discomfort of [...]


Energizing Maca Coffee Shake (Women’s Health Booster) post image

I have an interesting relationship with coffee. I love the smell of freshly roasted and ground coffee. I love sipping a little black coffee with a sweet treat. I love coffee ice-cream. But drinking coffee on a daily basis or heaven forbid, multiple cups a day? I will be tripping from here to, well, the other side [...]


Wild Blueberry Muffins (grain-free)

Wild Blueberry Muffins (grain-free) post image

Back in the summer I went wild blueberry picking for the first time in my life. It was one of the coolest experiences I have had since living in Oslo! The action of "living off the land" has always held a fascinating allure for me. Years ago I visited friends in Alaska and we cruised the [...]


A Gluten-Free Thanksgiving in Oslo + 8 Delicious Recipes post image

Howdy Y'all! As Americans living in Norway, celebrating Thanksgiving this year called for some creative measures! This was Austin's and my first Thanksgiving away from family so we weren't sure what to expect. It turned out to be a very special evening with dear friends (another expat couple from the Netherlands), full of good food [...]

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Tasty & Healthy European Adventures Coming Soon

Tasty & Healthy European Adventures Coming Soon post image

Lots of changes came in 2014. Love, marriage, home buying! Whoda thunk it?! You can read about that in this post. Well, wouldn't you know it but right when Austin and I start to feel like we were getting into the swing of things (NEVER think that unless you are ready for an adventure to [...]


A Slimming Drink In a Mad, Mad World

A Slimming Drink In a Mad, Mad World post image

Happy New Year! I hope you enjoyed a magical and comforting Christmas season and are excited about this new year filled with new possibilities! I've got a warm, healthful, and slimming beverage to share with y'all! But before we move onto the Cinnamon Slim Tea I've got some musings to release! (It's been awhile since [...]


pumpkin bars (grain-free + dairy-free)

Now that fall has finally hit who's up for something pumpkin?! By the by, I can't tell you how many times I've typed "pumkpin" instead of "pumpkin" here!  Someone's really excited about the turning of the weather.  It just seems to signal the beginning of the holidays! Speaking of which, Hubster and I were at [...]


Easy Chicken Provencial from Gabriela’s New E-Book

Provincial Chicken with Minty Tomato Salad

Chicken.  Provincial? Lest the term "provincial" strike doubt into your heart as to the validity of the aforesaid's tastiness or heaven forbid your mind is reminded of Belle singing, "there must be more than this provincial life" (but come on, Beauty and the Beast is classic), I'm here to not only silence the doubters but [...]


She didn’t fall off the face of the earth – She Got Married! post image

No blog activity since March??  What's happened to her? She got married! That's right I did! I married my true love, Austin, at the end of June on top of a mountain!  Whaat?  This calls for the lowdown!  So let's start at the only place to start. The Beginning. Note: I generally keep info of [...]



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